Jackie Killed JFK?

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"The truth depends on, and is only arrived at, by a legitimate deduction from all the facts which are truly material."  [S. T. Coleridge, "Table-Talk," December 27, 1831.]


Where’s the EVIDENCE for what you’re implying, you ask?  Here’s a slow-motion clip of the Zapruder film for your perusal.  (Just found one that's a closer-up view.)   Please zero in on Jackie beginning at the point JFK grabs his throat and look for 5 CLUES:

1.  She leans into him but does not put an arm around him as would be a more natural response.  Instead, she keeps her hands out of camera range by contorting her arms rather awkwardly, perhaps conscious of the possibility that there are cameras on both sides of the street.  Photos and film taken from the left side of the car also do not show exactly what she’s doing with her right hand.  It appears she's using her left hand to steady his chin for a clean shot to the left side of his head.  

2.  She seems more focused on Gov. Connally’s words to her than on her husband’s condition.   Could Connally possibly be telling her it’s time to “do it”?  Or perhaps he’s uttering the trigger words that will elicit a previously induced hypnotic suggestion.   Does it look to you like they're shocked by what's happening or do they look more like they're having a confab? 

3.  At point of head impact, white smoke moves upward on LEFT SIDE of JFK’s head.   This white wisp of smoke or vapor is visible even in photos and film taken from the other side of the car.  Here's a slow motion clip of just the head shot that clearly shows white smoke before the blood splatter.   A bullet doesn’t cause smoke; the barrel of a gun does.   There are various reports (here’s one) that indicate that the gunshot entry wound was on the left side of JFK’s head; exit wound to the right front.   One of the doctors at Parkland, Dr. Jenkins, testified to the Warren Commission that he had discovered what appeared to be a bullet wound to the “left temporal region” "right above the zygomatic bone" in the hairlineof the President’s head.  (Of course, the Warren Commission took care of that “misconception”!) (See also: EVIDENCE OF LEFT HEAD WOUND).   For a shocking discussion of the theory that the bodies of J.D. Tippit (the Dallas police officer reported to have been shot by Oswald after the assassination) and JFK were switched in order to produce autopsy photos and x-rays closer to the false conclusions of the Warren Commission, read this and this.  Could this be how the conspirators hid the fact of JFK's real head wounds?

4.  She quickly hides something (the gun?).   In the still frames of the Zapruder film, it appears to me that there must be several  frames missing between #326 and #327.  Judging from the slow progression of the other still frames (It takes more than 60 frames to show Gov. Connally turning his head toward Jackie!), there’s no conceivable way that Jackie’s arm could have skipped from an upright position to one pointing down in the space of one frame (1/18 of a second)!  What do those responsible not want us to see?  A gun?  Or did the conspirators want to save themselves the trouble of having to obscure with black paint the right rear exit wound reported by both Dallas medical personnel and various witnesses?  ....or both?  (See all frames.) 

5.   Judging by the blood and brain spray exiting JFK’s head, what kind of trajectory would the bullet have to travel?  Isn’t it more consistent with someone placing the muzzle near his left ear and firing upwards than it would be of a long-distance shooter firing from behind…or even from the front?   (See image at top showing skull fragment spinning through the air.)  There is an assassination researcher who puts forth the theory that there was a shooter in the trunk of the car!  He is actually closer to the truth than other theorists because the intensity and trajectory of the shot indicates that it came from within the tight little circle of the car and those in it and around it.   His conclusions support rather than deny mine.  Then there's the testimony of photographer Hugh Betzner, who was in close proximity to the car at the time of the shooting.  He stated, "I heard at least two shots fired and I saw what looked like a firecracker going off in the president's car."  He also said, "I also remember seeing what looked like a nickel revolver in someone's hand in the President's car or somewhere immediately around his car." (Full testimony HERE.)  Witness Austin L. Miller on the railroad bridge thought the shots came from the Presidential limousine itself, and Senator Ralph Yarborough smelled gunpowder at street level following the assassination. (Taken from Amazon's excerpt of "False Mystery," by V. J. Salandria).  There are experts who insist that the Zapruder film was altered and also that frames were removed; and these alterations seem aimed at obscuring the moment of the head shot.   The final product still shows evidence of a shot from the front, so this alteration must, more importantly in the minds of the alterers, have been done to hide both the fact that the car was brought to a complete standstill for the execution of the head shot(s), and to hide the fact that Jackie’s hand held a gun.   This video has more details about the obvous alterations to the Zapruder film and an interview with a French journalist who claims he has seen an unedited copy of the film bought from Zapruder by H. L. Hunt just hours after the assassination.  Of interest to me especially is the fact that this journalist claims inside information that there were two head shots fired almost simultaneously from two different directions.   Another fact that is pointed out in the video is that the "kill zone" on Elm Street was marked with three yellow stripes painted on the curb at intervals, which can be seen in the Zapruder film (see one here) and also still remain faintly visible to this day in Dallas.  The role of the umbrella man is also covered.

The sequence of events that took our President’s life was, in my opinion, and based on observation of the Zapruder film, as follows:

1.  JFK was shot in the throat from the front, possibly by a bullet or fragment of a bullet that went through the windshield of the car.  Contrary to popular belief, Gov. Connally was not wounded until AFTER the fatal head shot (as evidenced by the fact that he is able to turn his body around and toward Jackie in order to speak to her).  Note: If you click on the link to the article regarding Gov. Connally’s wounds, notice how clearly the white smoke is visible in the Zapruder frames he posts.)

2.  One or more bullets from the rear were fired at some point during the sequence, causing JFK’s back entrance wound (which was shallow probably due to his heavy back corset-like brace), and the injuries to Gov. Connally.

3.  Jackie maneuvers herself into position in order to deliver a head shot to enter from the left in JFK’s hairline near his ear and upward, but she hesitates a few seconds too long, forcing the sniper hidden on the grassy knoll to respond with a head shot of his own (occurring at frame #326).  (Robert D. Morningstar writes regarding a JFK autopsy photo in this article that, "This indicates to us that the bullet causing this wound would have to have passed through an already open frontal head wound without having struck frontal or temporal bone upon entry which would have resulted in its deformation or early fragmentation.").   This sniper’s shot nearly coincided perfectly with Jackie’s shot, and the startling realization that rifle shots were coming in her direction, coupled with the horror of her mortally wounded husband falling toward her and not away from her, caused her to flee away from their source and towards the rear of the automobile seeking the protective arms of her personal Secret Service agent, Clint Hill.   (Jackie almost roughly pushes JFK’s body aside as she swiftly climbs out onto the trunk of the car reportedly to retrieve some mysterious object.  The official story that she was trying to save brain matter or a piece of skull is suspect as the Zapruder film clearly shows that the trunk area is still in pristine condition.  (Note: I have to admit that still shots of the trunk area at this JFK Lancer site seem to show some sort of debris.)  I believe that she looks like she’s trying to grab something -- her bullet casing? -- on the boot of the car because she’s reaching for the protruding “buttons” about halfway to the Secret Service handles in order to hold on to something while she makes her escape.)  Note:  Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography, "Jackie Oh!" ignores the standard media hype and simply states that Jackie was trying to "flee." (Pg. 230).  It's really immaterial whether Jackie was grabbing for a piece of skull and/or brain matter, or fleeing a possible shot from a sniper, as the evidence for her involvement in the murder is enough to render it so.  Who knows, maybe she was afraid the piece of brain she is said to have retrieved contained incriminating bullet fragments from her gun and not the official "murder weapon."

4.  The nearly simultaneous head shots coming from two different directions - one close to the head from the left and the other traveling a distance from the right front - explain the conflicting bodily movements indicating JFK’s physical reaction to the two head injuries.   (Slightly forward at the first shot (Frame #312), but then quickly back and to the left (Frame #313 and 314) after the incoming shot from the grassy knoll.)  This video made by Bob Harris explores evidence that there were two nearly simultaneous head shots from different directions.  David Lifton, in "Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy," reports being first shocked and then troubled when it's pointed out to him that his "back and to the left" phenomena noted on the Zapruder film in Frame #313 is immediately preceded by a forward motion in #312.  My thesis that JFK was shot at close range from the left side and slightly towards the back of his head would account for this motion.  David Lifton's "Case for Three Assassins" theory is made more credible by the realization that Jackie was one of the shooters from the "rear," albeit, a very close rear.

Another good link to a larger, blown-up version of the Zapruder film can be found at Metacafe.  The white smoke is clearly visible, as well as the gun-hiding motions of Jackie Kennedy after impact.

Just found this YouTube link: "Was Jackie Directly Involved in the JFK Assassination?"  (5/26/10).


Although I do mention the following "Jackie did it" site under "Left Head Wound." I want to give it mention here as I feel much of it has merit to the discussion:  http://jackieiskillerqueen.blogspot.com/   This is a fascinating read - be sure to download the pdf) and has some creative suggestions for mode of delivery for Jackie's kill shot!   The writer is not afraid to identify the overarching entity behind the crime that still operates from the shadows today, although those shadows are being dispelled by the unafraid (and foolhardy?) on the Internet.


































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