Jackie Killed JFK?

Saying Jackie shot JFK since 2010!


When any crime is committed, those looking to discover the perpretator(s) ask themselves:  "Who benefits?"  There were many beneficiaries of the JFK assassination, some direct and some indirect.  I'll post links here when I find articles that point out the beneficiaries of this particular crime.

Here's a good place to start looking:  Who benefited the most from JFK's death?


LBJ, the Vice-President, directly benefited from the elimination of President John F. Kennedy.  Because of this fact it seems plausible and overwhelming evidence exists that he orchestrated the hands-on details of the actual

gunning-down of our 35th president.  Whether he was the original plotter and planner is a question that must be explored before settling for the simplistic statement that "LBJ killed JFK"!  Here is a 3-part Brasscheck Video series on the evidence revealing the role Lyndon B. Johnson played in the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

I was just thinking about how much Barack Obama reminds me of JFK when he tries to buck israel at every opportunity, and it occurred to me that he's in danger of being JFK'd himself, when I saw this article:



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