Jackie Killed JFK?

Saying Jackie shot JFK since 2010!


Random, related thoughts and questions, including, "How did Kennedy's foot get where it is in this photo?":



1Jackie's choice of outfit on November 22, 1963.   Was it just coincidence that Jackie chose an outfit and hat in such a bright color?  It's been since proven in tests that hot pink is the color that can be seen from furthest away, and some communities paint their firetrucks that color!   Was her choice of the hot pink wool outfit -- with matching hat, despite the fact that the day was unseasonably warm, an indication of prior knowledge of snipers to be shooting at JFK who would be sitting right next to her?   Were those that were involved trying to make sure she wouldn't be hit?   Also, pink has long been one of the colors of "little girl innocence," thereby heightening her image of being the President's devoted wife.

Here's a point to ponder:  Maybe the assassination squad (LBJ, Bush, Sr., CIA, Federal Reserve, Israel elite, etc.) bullied Jackie into shooting JFK by threatening her with, "If you don't shoot him when the driver stops the car, you'll be shot."  Well, she hesitated, apparently, and a shot rang out from the grassy knoll just as she finally pulled the trigger on her one-shot derringer; and fearing for her own life, she tried to flee by jumping off the back of the car into the waiting arms of her beloved personal Secret Service agent, Clint Hill, who pushed her back into the limo.  Was he part of the plot, also?  That's questionable.  He may have just been doing his job of protecting the First Lady.


2.  "The wounds were so obvious that there was no need to shave the hair before photographs were taken."  

This statement was made in a much-later interview (1992) on the subject of JFK's autopsy by James Joseph Humes, M.D., one of two doctors in charge of it.   This suggests that with gunshot wounds to the head, shaving is routine in order to determine entry and exit wounds, which would make perfect sense.  President Kennedy's thick, dark hair would not have been able to disguise the massive exit wound(s) caused by an undetermined number of shots to the head, but it certainly could disguise, for photographic purposes, a small entry wound to the left side of his head, such as that which a tiny derringer in the hand of his wife may have caused!

3.  The strange case of Officer J. D. Tippit.

Discovering Robert D. Morningstar's "Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination" site was almost as startling as the realization that Jackie may have fired a shot that day!   Morningstar gives credible, backed-up evidence for the theory that Officer Tippit's murdered body was further desecrated in order to switch it with JFK's body for the autopsy so that the wounds would more closely coincide with the conclusions of the Warren Commission.  That "stare of death" autopsy photo we've all seen of JFK lying on his back is actually a photo of J. D. Tippit!   I had always stared at the face in that photo in wonderment because something just didn't look "right" about it.  Actually, the head wounds that JFK did receive took out one of his eyes, so there's no way that could have been him.  Then, Robert D. Morningstar further explores this subject in another article.

But when I read a third article by Morningstar presenting the case for Officer J. D. Tippit being the "Badgeman" photographed firing a gun from the grassy knoll, it was almost too much to believe.  But, again, his case against him is highly credible.

If these assertions are true, and I'm convinced they are, they stagger the imagination when we realize the amount of planning and execution that went into fooling the American public that day!   We have to admire the pure genius of the plan to use JFK's body double to not only kill him, but to impersonate him in his own death, effectively also silencing the killer forever.

How incredibly sad that there's a very real probability that JFK's killer is buried in the grave of the slain president, under the eternal flame meant to honor him!  And, that JFK is buried in a humble gravesite marked with the name of his killer, Officer J. D. Tippit.   Why does that make me want to weep?

4. The presidential limousine was a traveling crime scene that day.  But the powers-that-be stripped it of evidence at the very earliest opportunity: at Parkland Memorial Hospital just minutes after the murder.   Some of the car's secrets pertaining to that fateful ride are still at our disposal thanks to those who captured them on film and preserved them for us.  A good overview of clues pertaining to the stately vehicle in which JFK lived his last moments can be found at this website.  This site at JFK Lancer contains photos of the inside of the limousine immediately following the assassination (not for the squeamish!)  


5.  The first "shot" to actually hit JFK caused an obvious wound to his throat as evidenced by him grabbing at it and choking.   There's some speculation that it may possibly have been a poisoned dart filled with deadly shellfish toxin, as was developed by the CIA around that same time.  This article discusses various possibilities related to this.  Also, on another note,  Part 1 and Part 2 of this Gil Jesus video discuss the possibility of a shot from the front through the windshield and over Connally's left shoulder (watch him react!) and into Kennedy's throat.

6.  Was there a UFO above Dealey Plaza right after the assassination?  Check out this article with a photo of the Plaza immediately following the event.

Is that ring-shaped object a flying saucer, JFK's spirit ascending, or demons there to admire their minion's handiwork (see the vapory mist on the left side of the photo also)?  Or, was the photographer smoking and blowing smoke rings that day?

Here's the news article that tells how this photo came to light.

Was the subject of UFO's and extra-terrestrials connected to JFK's murder?  Mind you, I am a Christian who does not believe any other intelligent beings exist in the universe at present except for the Godhead, his angels both elect and fallen, other heavenly creatures in his throne room, and the human race of earth.  I do believe that Satan and his fallen angels can and do masquerade as alien visitors to this planet in order to cause confusion as to the truth of God's sovereignty.  That said, this article, "Was JFK Killed Because of Roswell?", is interesting, even though the writer insists "the driver did it," which is highly questionable.

Not sure how relevant this is, but here's a LIVE WEB CAM of the portion of Dealey Plaza visible from the so-called "Sniper's Nest" on the sixth floor of the Dallas School Book Depositoy.


Why Jackie told Arthur Sclesinger, Jr. that LBJ was behind assassination.

It's possible that the interview tapes, made shortly after the assassination, were a form of "insurance" against that snake, LBJ, in case he reneged on any promises of anonymity, protection, etc., he may have made to her to get her to participate in the shooting.  She may have told LBJ that she confided everything to Schlesinger and gave him permission to release it if anything "happened" to her.  LBJ, as I'm sure she knew, was known in certain circles as someone who had people willing to shut witnesses up.  As long as LBJ was unsure of exactly what the tapes contained, she and her kids were safe.


JFK was assassinated by Israel on the anniversary of the famous Jekyl Island meeting where the Federal Reserve was formed!

Interesting and frightening article:

Indicting The Israel Criminal Banking Network (Video Rebel's Blog)


November, 2011:  My son's business trip to Dallas prompted him to visit Dealey Plaza and take two photos (below) of the way it looks today (as he knows I've never been there myself).








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