Jackie Killed JFK?

Saying Jackie shot JFK since 2010!


There's every indication, especially on the Internet, that more and more people are waking up to the evidence that it was America's favorite first lady, Jackie Kennedy, who was the shooter in closest proximity to her husband, John F. Kennedy, on that terrible November day.  I'll post links to various sites, forums, and comments that reflect the grassroots movement toward an awakening to that idea as they come to my attention.  (Let me know if YOU see a new one!)


NOTE:  Thanks to all sites who linked to or quoted from my own Jackie Killed JFK site(s).  Just remember, folks:  MY SITE WAS THE SECOND SITE ON THE INTERNET DEVOTED TO THIS SUBJECT!


Here's one I saw last night (9/11/10) on Rense.com .

(Please forgive the language; this guy is a little rough.) 



Here's a compilation of the best posts on the subject from the Let's Roll Forum. 


The above link and more can be found on the World Prophecy Site: More on Jackie Kennedy Shooting JFK.   


Here's a compilation of evidence presented by someone also intrigued by the idea that Jackie herself shot JFK at Loveforlife.com.


This is just a sampling of the different discussions of the topic on Above Top Secret Forums. 


Here's the Whatsup Blog's take on it.   Blog by Cathy Palmer.


Someone who has obviously 'woken up" posted a comment on this Metacafe Video Page


This guy at least includes Jackie Kennedy in a list of five people who could have done it.  In fact, he gave her the No. 2 spot!  "Five Unlikely People Who May Have Killed JFK" on My Five Best blog.

Jackie Killed JFK?

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