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There is evidence of an entry wound to the left side of the President's head -- the side on which Jackie was located.   Several eyewitnesses, including doctors and other medical personnel, a priest giving last rites, and an eye witness at Dealey Plaza, reported seeing a wound of the left temple.  This is compatible with Jackie having fired a shot from a small caliber hand gun at close range to her husband's head.  The Zapruder frames of that moment show her head so close to her husband's that, if there was a shot to the left side of JFK's head, it would be nearly impossible to execute from any distance away without striking the First Lady.  In addition, no gunshots were reported being seen from the left side of Dealey Plaza where the crowd was sparser and there less places for a gunman to hide.


Various evidences for a left entry wound follow:

A photo of JFK's bloodied shirt from the back shows copious blood spill on the left side.  If he was hit in the back of the head as the Warren Commission insists with a large exit wound in the front right side of his temple, wouldn't there be at least some blood on that side?


Quoted from David S. Lifton's "Best Evidence" (1988 edition, Carroll and Graf Publishers, Inc., New York):

"...there was a witness at Dealey Plaza, standing to Kennedy's left, who told reporters on November 22 that he saw a left temporal wound.  He was Norman Similas, of Toronot, Canada.  Similas, in Dallas on a business trip, said he was standing on the north curb of Elm Street about fifty feet nearer the underpass than Jean Hill and Mary Moorman.  Similas' account appeared in the New York Times of November 23, 1963, under the headline:  10 FEET FROM THE PRESIDENT.  Similas said that as Kennedy passed him, 'I could see a hole in the President's left temple and his head and hair were bathed in blood.'  Similas was not called as a witness by the Commission."



 The following excerpts are quoted from:




Parkland Hospital



t 1 4 No. 2 © Copyright 2006 Vincent M. Palamara :




(Page 11) 6 H 48 and 51 / testimony [of Dr. Robert McClelland, Assistant Professor Surgery at Southwestern Medical School, affiliated with Parkland Memorial Hospital in a report filed at 4:45 p.m. on 11/22/63]---“”Part of the brain was herniated; I really think part of the cerebellum, as I recognized it, was herniated from the wound…”; [and Dr. Marion T. Jenkins, Professor and Chairman of Anesthetics at Parkland]: “…the wound with the exploded area of the scalp, as I interpreted it being exploded, I would interpret it being a wound of exit…”; “…I thought there was a wound on the left temporal area, right in the hairline and right above the zygomatic process.”;


(Page 16 ) 7) Dr. Gene Coleman Akin, Resident Anesthesiologist [a.k.a. Solomon Ben Israel]:


a) 6 H 65 and 67 / testimony---“The back of the right occipitalparietal portion of his head was shattered, with brain substance extruding.”; “I assume the right occiptalparietal region was the exit, so to speak, that he had probably been hit on the other side of the head, or at least tangentially in the back of the head…”; “this [the neck wound] must have been an entrance wound…”;


(Page 40) c) 4/10/67 “The Joe Dolan Show”, KNEW radio, Oakland, CA and


  1. Post Mortem”, pp. 60-61---Dolan said he was particularly concernmed with the “statement about the shot” that killed JFK “coming from the front.” Dr. Stewart said, “Yes, sir. This was the finding of all the physicians who were in attendance. There was a small wound in the left front of the President’s head and there was a quite massive wound of exit at the right backside of the head and it was felt by all of the physicians at the time to be a wound of en-try which went in the front.”;



(Page 48) HUBER: WR 55, 7 H 489, 21 H 159, 160, 195, 233: WC references for Huber. Huber [Catholic priest who administered "last rites" to President] was interviewed 11/24/63 on WFAA and 11/25/63 on WBAP/ Texas News (see “Kennedy In Texas” video 1984). The 11/24/63 “Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin” reported that Father Huber said that JFK had a terrible wound over his left eye [see “Best Evidence”, p. 46, and “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassina-tion”, p. 202]; 8/26/64 and 9/20/64 interviews with William Manchester (“The Death of a President”, numerous, inc. p. 216)---performed the sign of the cross on JFK’s forehead, evidently still intact; interviewed by Jim Bishop (“The Day Kennedy Was Shot”, p. 684); "The (Denver) Register", 12/8/63: article by Huber entitled "President Kennedy's Final Hours"; JFK Library Oral History1964; photo of Huber: p. 23 of "JFK: For a New Generation" by Conover Hunt; "Four Days In November" (1964, David Wolper): inc. part of his WFAA interview;


(Page 67) 76) Dr. Lito Porto:


a) “High Treason”, p. 460---“The first doctor to see what he said was a bullet entry wound near the left temple was Dr. Leto (sic) Porto.”[only reference to Dr. Lito Porto];


b) 8/31/98 letter to Vince Palamara from Dr. Boris Porto, Lito's son---"Vince, Lito is my father! Call me and I'll give you info.-Boris";


c) 9/6/98 call to Dr. Boris Porto from Vince Palamara;


  1. 9/8/98 call from Dr. Boris Porto to Vince Palamara (relaying info. from his father)- His father said that "he needs to keep his mouth quiet"but referred me to Drs. Charlie Baxter and Jim Carrico; Boris: "he was there…he was the neurosurgery chief resident, the first one to come out of that program"---Kemp Clark was "overseeing my father";


(Page 84) 168)-169) Hugh Huggins (aka Hugh Howell), Marine/ undercover CIA agent, 4/55 to 10/65, and Colonel William C. Bishop [deceased 7/92], CIA contract agent:

a) 1993 interview (s) with Bil Sloan for "JFK: Breaking The Silence" (1993), Chapter 9, pp. 175-189 [inc. photo of Huggins circa 1962]---claims, among other things, to have been at both Parkland and Bethesda on 11/22/63: "I dis-tinctly saw an entry wound in the left temple. To my knowledge, only two other people besides myself have admitted to seeing this wound. It was assumed to be a blood clot by the doctors at Parkland, but it was an entry wound, and it could not have been fired from the rear. The bullet from this wound exited the right side of the president's head, blowing out a section of skull and obscuring the entry wound of a second bullet that struck him from the right front almost si-multaneously. There were two large, separate holes in the upper right side of the head, seperated by about three-quarters of an inch of bone matter and skin tissue. [For more evidence that there were two separate exit wounds, see this report.] The wound in the throat, although greatly enlarged by a tracheostomy, was also an entry wound. All the wounds had a puffy, torn appearance as though they had been probed prior to the autopsy."

 The following is quoted from a forum post by William Kelly @ Mar 28 2008, 05:07 AM on The Education Forum:

3: Dr. Robert N. McClelland: WR 526-527/ 17 H 11-12/ CE 392

---"...The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from
a gunshot wound of the left temple."
((Dr.R.N. McClelland later changed this to the right temple.))

Brad Parker has learned that the article, "Three Patients at Parkland", while based on the original reports made by the Parkland doctors, incorporated subtle changes which he was told were made by none other than Dr. Marion Jenkins! EXAMPLE--- WR 526-527 / 17 H 11-12 / CE 392: Dr. Robert McClelland's report written 11/22/63---"…a massive gunshot wound of the head with a fragment wound of the trachea…The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple.") January 1964 Texas State Journal of Medicine article "Three Patients at Parkland", p. 63---repeats the gist of his 11/22/63 report, but with one change"…a massive gunshot wound of the head with a fragment wound of the trachea…The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the ***right side of the head.***" ...

For more information and other eye witnesses reporting an entry wound to the left temple, see this site.  If you're interested in reading a paper on the possibility that two brains were autopsied at Bethesda in addition to other body alterations, see this JFK Lancer site.


From: Did Someone Alter the Medical Evidence:

"Wound in Left Temple
    Dr. Robert N. McClelland of Parkland, in his medical report, stated that “the cause of death…” was from “…a gunshot wound of the left temple.” Dr. Marion T. Jenkins testified that he saw blood in the hairline of the left temple. The priest who administered the last rites to the President, Oscar L. Huber, also saw the wound over the left eye.
    Regarding the news conference at Parkland on the afternoon of November 22, the Associated Press reported, “Dr. Perry said the entrance wound—which is the medical description—the entrance wound was in the front of the head.” The Secret Service was supposed to furnish the Warren Commission with media recordings of the press conference, but apparently it never did. Furthermore, according to the National Archives, “No tape recordings or transcripts of the interviews with doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas, have been found in the Commission’s records.”
    The Bethesda autopsy report mentions no wound in the front of the head at all, let alone a wound of the left temple—even though a chart of the President’s skull sketched by autopsy physician J. Thornton Boswell (Figure 4) may indicate not only its presence, but also the fact that it was enlarged to three centimeters (about an inch)."


From:  The Top Secret Second Autopsy of President John F. Kennedy
Bjørn K. Gjerde
Copyright 2004 Bjørn K. Gjerde

"A bullet hitting Kennedy on the left side of the head, traversed the skull and exited (more or less fragmented) from the rear of the skull. The exit of the bullet from the rear of Kennedy’s head was followed by an extrusion of brain matter in the same direction. However, the large piece of mainly occipital bone that became detached from the right rear of the head, did not pop out immediately, but opened up like a lid. Thus, for a fraction of a second there was just a narrow opening at the margins of this fragment. The jet of brain matter being extruded from the head hit the interior, concave surface of this detaching fragment, and for a brief moment portions of brain matter were thrown back (reflected) more or less in the opposite direction, including forward across the top and right side of the JFK’s head, hitting Mr. and Mrs. Connally, Greer and Kellerman in the limousine. Then the bone fragment became fully detached and was thrown forward along the right side of JFK’s head, while the rest of the extruding brain matter exited to the right rear of Kennedy (not visible because of shadows). The forward spray of brain matter became particularly obvious since the sun beams came from the opposite (left) side of the limousine relative to Zapruder."


Note;  This PDF article is very thorough in examining the medical evidence at autopsy and statements made later by various autopsy participants, but I cannot agree with the author's thesis that Kennedy's body was taken from the Rotunda where it was lying in state and subjected to a second autopsy.  More than one autopsy was done -- possibly as many as three -- but on Kennedy plus one or two body doubles, which is why the photos and x-rays are such a mismatched assortment!  Mr. Gjerde's assertion that some of the photos (the ones that actually were of Kennedy) were flipped from right to left after being developed is an interesting one for which he makes a good case, and which would also support my hypothesis that there was a left bullet entrance wound that needed to be kept secret at all costs!


Another blogger also believes Jackie inflicted a gunshot wound to the left side of JFK's head under the left ear area.  Read this interesting take on how she did it and also how clues have been inserted through the years since in various media products!  http://jackieiskillerqueen.blogspot.com/   You will be fascinated, I know, because I certainly was!  This writer is not afraid to identify the entity that ordered the kill either!



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