Jackie Killed JFK?

Saying Jackie shot JFK since 2010!


1.  Security Standown.  

1963:  Ordinary security measures to protect a president were deliberately ignored in Dallas, with a motorcade route that contained sharp turns and open windows in nearby buildings.  Failure to use a protective bubble on the presidential limousine gave unwarranted access to President Kennedy by disgruntled citizens in a city that was papered with "Wanted for Treason" posters with JFK's photo on them.   Most telling of all: the deliberate order to Secret Service agents to "stand down" and move away from the presidential car moments before the fatal headshot(s).

2001:  A security firm owned by the Bush family closed the World Trade Centers down the weekend before the fatal day, removing the bomb-sniffing dogs, which were never brought back in.  Most telling of all:  the deliberate order to NORAD to "stand down" instead of immediately being dispatched to intercept the "hi-jacked" planes.

2.  Removal of evidence.

1963:  The tree through which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly had to shoot through was removed shortly after the assassination, as well as the Stemmons Freeway sign near the area where the first gunshot wounds were incurred.  Film from cameras, movie and still, in the possession of bystander witnesses was demanded to be handed over by agents of the FBI, Secret Service, and Dallas Police.  Most telling of all:  the scene of the crime, the presidential limo, was not only hosed down and cleaned up immediately after the murder, but Lyndon Baines Johnson, as our new president, had it completely gutted out and refitted for his own use, destroying much of the forensic evidence.

2001:  The black boxes containing recorded communications between the plane and ground control were mysteriously "missing."   Security cameras were either not operational that morning or were immediately impounded by the government.   Most telling of all:  an immediate "clean up" of debris from the fallen buildings was ordered, with the important forensic evidence hauled away to distant locations.

3.  Unbelievably "pristine" evidence.

1963:   Everyone has marveled over the discovery of the so-called "magic bullet" found on Gov. Connally's stretcher in the hallway of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.  "Magic" because it had supposedly gone through both the President and the Governor yet remained in pristine condition without losing significant mass.

2001:   The discovery of one of the alleged hi-jackers' identification cards in the rubble of the Trade Center disaster site, defying all logic and evidence.

4.  Immediate identification of suspect(s).

1963:   Within moments of the assassination of JFK, an arrest warrant was issued for Lee Harvey Oswald, which makes one wonder why he wasn't rounded up before the day of the motorcade if he was on a list of suspicious characters somewhere!

2001:   Within moments of the tragedy on 9-11, blame was being placed on, first, "mastermind," Osama Bin Laden, and then on fifteen alleged Arab terrorists whose photos were produced for public consumption in the speed of light.

1963:   The "event" was recorded, seemingly for history, by Abraham Zapruder, a Jewish man who supported the nation of Israel.

2001:   Five "dancing Israelis" who had been filming the collapse of the World Trade Centers were arrested and questioned after being spotted by a woman in a neighboring building.   They would later state on an Isralie television talk show that they had been there "to film the event."


If you have any more similarities to point out regarding these two days of tragedy and mystery, please write and let me know!   Here's a manuscript by Peter Dale Scott that also deals with the subject.




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