Jackie Killed JFK?

Saying Jackie shot JFK since 2010!


Recently, a fellow assassination buff contacted me and encouraged me to reconsider whether JFK's limousine driver that day, Secret Service Agent, William Greer, may have fired a shot at the president.  The link he sent me, at Educate-Yourself website, made the point that the Zapruder film may have been tampered with to blur the image of Greer's gun into the top of the head of the agent sitting in the passenger seat to make it appear as being simply a reflection off of his hair.   Now, believing as I do, that the Zapruder film was heavily edited and altered in various places to deceive the American people about the facts of the case, I can't entirely dismiss this possible scenario.  I know this one thing: that JFK's killers were not going to let him exit that car that day alive, and it's not beyond the realm of imagination that the driver would also be equipped with a gun.  Who knows, maybe Gov. Connally had one, too.   We cannot completely discount the idea due to the extensive crossfire it appears JFK had entered.

I'm including a YouTube video link also sent to me by this advocate of "the driver did it" theory but must caution you that the video's purpose is to refute that very idea.  However, my correspondent feels that it is an excellent source by which to study the film in question for signs of the tampering of which he speaks.

If further clarifying information comes my way, I will share it here.

Jim Marrs, author of "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy," weighs in on the question of whether the driver could've "done it."




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